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Do you frequently buy from Amazon? Then simply by clicking the link below, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your checkout value to Recycle Rebuild, without any extra cost to yourself!

Just make sure you load before making a purchase or use the link below.




We all have used electronics lying around our homes, instead of letting them grow old and maybe eventually trashed. Why do you send it to us?

We will either repair, sell or use it on one of the projects giving your item a second life it deserves and preventing it from going to landfill.



Everyone within the organisation is a volunteer including our founder.


We are always looking for new volunteers to come up with new solutions on how we prevent plastic pollution and support our communities around the world!

Want to get involved? Then what are you waiting for?!



There are many ways to make a business more environmentally sustainable.

Through sustainable product design, consultancy, machines or architectural design, our sister organisation,  the Sustainable Design Studio, promote a circular economy with creative, renewable solutions.

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