Recycle Rebuild began as a collective between two architects but has grown into an organisation full of passionate humanitarians and environmentalists. 


There are no paid staff in Recycle Rebuild and it is solely run by committed volunteers like you. Together we can make a difference and preserve the environment. Because of this Recycle Rebuild are always looking for new volunteers and urges you to apply for one of the following volunteer positions. 

Recycle Rebuild is a team full of ideas on how to empower communities to create recycled products from waste, however, these ideas and our projects require upfront funding. Because of this, we are looking for a skilled manager to source additional funding and help us continue our work around the world. 


Remote, 12 -15hrs per week

As a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation, we rely entirely on donations to fund all of our recycling kit distribution projects. Many of these funds are often raised through local community events and we are looking for someone to help us maximise these opportunities. Is there a school, business or event you think you could convince to run a fundraiser? If yes then you are the perfect person for this position!


Remote, 4 - 6hrs per week

Recycle Rebuild is looking for a graphic designer who shares our polished (yet still surprisingly charming) aesthetic. You will help us jump start our individual fundraising army by creating all the tools in our fundraising tool kit. The completed tool kit will give others who are passionate about Recycle Rebuild’s mission the tools they need to start a fundraising campaign or event all on their own even if they have no previous experience.


Remote, 4 - 6hrs per week

Recycle Rebuild is looking for someone who is passionate about what we are doing and can’t stop telling other people about it! We are looking for someone whose communication style is charming, polished, and to the point. If you are confident in your ability to be the voice of Recycle Rebuild in everything from press releases to social media than this is the role for you. Apply below to start shouting from the rooftops about all the great work Recycle Rebuild is doing.


Remote, 4 - 6hrs per week

Recycle Rebuild makes a wide range of products from our recycled and repurposed materials but we are always looking to expand our collection and improve on current designs. That’s where you come in! We need someone who thinks outside the box when it comes to creating new products and can review existing product designs looking for ways to improve efficacy.


Remote, 4 - 6hrs per week


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