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The world has a plastic problem with only 9% of the world's plastic being recycled. Recycle Rebuild empowers communities to recycle waste into affordable high-quality materials and products, whilst providing a source of income for those affected by the growing plastic problem. To do this we have developed an affordable "Community Recycling Startup Kit” designed to contain all the items necessary for starting a small scale recycling business anywhere in the world.

After the kit is delivered and set up the community are then trained. After this, the community will have the perfect set of tools to start creating products made for plastic, that can be sold locally and to tourists.

It is Recycle Rebuild's goal to distribute as many of these kits as possible to promote the importance of recycling and educate on the environmental dangers of poor waste management. 


Below explains the setup and distribution process in more detail. 


  • Customised* plastic shredder

  • Customised* plastic injection machines

  • Machine Spares

  • 4 Custom moulds based on the recipient's preference.

  • Collection of basic tools and safety equipment.

  • How To Guide, Setup Manual & several weeks of in-country training for the community by one of our experienced trainers.

*Customised to the countries voltage and imperial or metric specs based on the items most easily found in the country. Ensuring sustainability and repair.



Plastic pollution is everywhere but not every community is the same. Through an in detail investigation, we assess which community we can help the most, and what partners will be required to ensure its long term sustainability.


Our remote assessment is done using a series of point-based questionnaires with support of a 3rd party volunteer in the community. From this we can also determine the best product for the community to produce and a business model that they should follow to ensure the greatest success.



Once a community and partner has been selected, we will refine the budget to ensure we provide the best custom solution to the communities needs.


We work with our partnered organisations to raise funds for our projects, however, just like most non-profit organisations identifying funding is often the slowest element in the project.

We are always looking for new donations or sponsors for our kits and an example proposal/budget can be found here.

If you are a business or a non-profit organisation looking to purchase a kit and don't need to apply for funding, you can buy a kit via the Sustainable Design Studio. 



Every country is slightly different and our machines are designed based on the communities needs.


Our bespoke solutions are easily repaired as they are based on off the shelf parts, however, to save money we prefabricate and test the machines before shipping from the UK.


During this time we work remotely with the community and partners to design the perfect product and customise it to the communities needs. This can range from simply branded keyrings to complex functional items such as handles and phone cases.


The chosen product is based on our previous research of the market, waste plastic types and vision of our community and partners.


All in all this process takes about 30 days.


Setting up a community-powered business/workshop is no easy feat. It requires robust planning and training to ensure the projects greatest level of success.


Recycle Rebuild’s wealth of knowledge will ensure the project set up is smooth and professional, reducing the risk or need for experimentation on a young project.


Our setup walks the community and partners through every step of the process, with multiple workshop activities suitable to all ages, covering various topics including waste identification, product design & fabrication, and business development.



Every community is different and so are our partner's needs. Recycle Rebuild is a passionate group of volunteers who are dedicated to the long term development of community-level recycling.


By taking part in our project Recycle Rebuild commits to supporting you as your project grows after the handover period. This includes continued machine support and upgrades, business review, evaluation and product development support, ensuring the projects highest level of success.

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