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Remote, 4 - 6hrs per week

Recycle Rebuild help support communities to convert their waste into sellable high-quality products. One of the services we provide is connections internationally to increase their sales and inevitably the communities profits. This requires strong branding and high-quality packaging to offer a product that reaches the high standards of the international markets and the buyers. 


We have high-quality products and lots of customers but we need your help to design the packaging and supplementary information that goes with every product we sell. 


The key objectives of the brief are as follows:


  • Design a packaging and content that made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials (like our products)

  • Design a packaging that protects our products during shipments.

  • Design packaging that promotes our brand, the communities we support and explain why their purchase is so important to our mission.


Together over several weeks, you will communicate remotely with the Recycle Rebuild Team all over the world to understand what best fits the brief. 


To be eligible for this role we ask you to meet the following criteria:


  • Have prior experience in Graphic/Product Design or similar

  • Have access to a reliable internet connection to download files, upload files and communicate remotely with our staff (skype, whatsapp, email)

  • Have access to Adobe Indesign or Adobe Photoshop and can provide the complete files in .indd or .psd formats

  • Have strong written and spoken English skills. 


If you have all of the above and care deeply about preventing pollution and caring for the environment we urge you to apply at the link below!

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